Certified Naturally Grown

Our animals are grown naturally. No GMO's, no herbicides, no pesticides, no antibiotics and no hormones. All animals are free roaming and are not confined.

24 Favoriite Cuts Bundle (plus 8 lbs of Premium Ground)

24 of our favorite cuts plus 8 packages of Premium Ground Beef. All Grass-fed, Grass-finished, Antibiotic and Hormone Free.
Sale $50.00 savings

Ground Beef Box-small

10 one pound packages of Premium Grass-fed, Grass-finished Ground Beef (93:7)

Quarter Beef-grass-fed and grass-finished

A nice combination of roasts, steaks, ground beef, Osso Bucco and organ meats

Variety Beef Box-Small

Variety of Premium Grass-fed, Grass-finished Ground and Steaks
Sale $27.00 savings