Farm Fresh Food Box/Bag

Farm Fresh Food Box/Bag

A perfect mix of local veggies, fruits and meats
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This bundle is available locally to folks in the Rapid City SD area Each ordering period (biweekly) we will offer something different.  Generally expect half to be locally grown veggies/fruits and half to be locally grown meats (Beef, pork, lamb, chicken).  You need to order and pay here and pick up on Saturday at the Black Hills Farmers Market between (9-1) or Monday at the Westside Pre-School (3:30-5:30--only for parents).  If you cannot be there to pick up--no problem you can send a friend or neighbor just let us know.  All orders need to be placed by Wednesday at midnight so the boxes can be packed for pickup on Saturday.  If you want to add more items to your order (like pet food, snacks, more steaks etc) from our website for pickup that is OK--just do it by Wednesday so we can have it at the market Saturday ready for pickup.  Box ingredients will vary each ordering period.   You can add to your box if you want by ordering off this page.  We will be offering whole chickens, mushrooms, loaves of bread, honey and more as the boxes catch on, 

Example of Meat for the Farm Box for Nov. 16-18

1 lb package of Evergreen Grass-fed, grass-finished ground beef (93:7)-quantity 1

2 Evergreen Ranching and Livestock LLC Ribeye Steaks (8-10 oz)

A surprise

Produce and Fruit for the Nov. 16-18 Farm Box:  

Banana 1.75 lb, Orange 4 Count, Red Grapes 2 lbs, Kiwi 2 Count, Cucumber 2 Count, Mushroom 1 lb, Celery 1 Bunch, Brocolli 1 Bunch, Potato 2 lb, Grape Tomato (1 Carton).