Beef Share grass-fed and grass-finished

Beef Share grass-fed and grass-finished

Approx 90 lbs of a grass-fed, grass-finished Beef-Audubon Certified
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A great value for those that can buy in bulk.  These Audubon Certified and Certified Naturally Grown beef shares are  USDA inspected, cryovac sealed and ready for your freezer.   A share will include: 30-1 lb packages of ground beef 30 lbs of roasts/brisket/osso bucco/ribs and 30 lbs of steaks, NY Strip, top sirloin, ribeye, flank, filet, ranch steak, chuck eye, flat iron, hanger, skirt and Denver.  1lb of liver, dog bones and our famous WOOF liver snacks will also be included. Shares need to be picked up at Sturgis Meats when they are ready.



Pure grass-fed, grass-finished beef