Half Beef-grass-fed and grass-finished

Half Beef-grass-fed and grass-finished

One Half of a grass-fed, grass-finished Beef-Audubon Certified
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A great value for those that can buy in bulk.  These Audubon Certified and Certified Naturally Grown beef halves will be processed how you want them, USDA inspected, cryovac sealed and ready for your freezer.   Depending on how you decide to process it, a half will include: 1 lb packages of ground beef (50 to 60), approx. 3 lb roasts-2 each (round, rump, arm, chuck, sirloin tip, tritip) steaks, NY Strip-8, top sirloin-4, ribeye-10 flank-2, tenderloin filet-6, Osso Bucco-4-6 (2.5 lb portions), 10 packages of stew meat (1 lb) and an assortment of organ meats and soup bones.  Quantities may vary depending on how you process. Stock up now and save.  For one half of a beef plan on ending up with 180 to 200 lbs of packaged vacuum sealed delicious grass-fed and grass-finished beef.  Your credit card will be charged once the final weight of the quarter is determined.  Free Shipping.



Pure grass-fed, grass-finished beef