Bored? Need a Snack $50 Bundle

Bored? Need a Snack $50 Bundle

A Nice Mix of Beef Jerky, Beef Bars and Salami/Pepperoni
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This is a delicious bundle designed and priced on sale for the Corona Economy.  

 10-1 oz bars of-Audubon Certified Evergreen Ranching Fermented all natural Beef Sticks (Jalapeno-Cheddar and Cherries-Honey) or Beef Jerky.  

(I developed these as a fermented,no-nitrate meat snack for my kids while adventuring in the outdoors, traveling or waiting for matches on the wrestling mats. Now while working from home these are the ideal snacks).  

Also included in the bundle is:

1 package of 8 oz Italian Sausage (Salami Style)

1 package of 8 oz Pepperoni Style Salami.  

All items are shelf stable (until opened), healthful snacks that are the go to snack food for our family.  Products will ship directly to your door.



Grass-fed, grass-finished beef