10 lb case of Evergreen Ranching WOOF Raw Dog Food--Buffalo

Raw dog food-2 lb Chubs quantity (5-2 lb Packages or 10-1 lb Chubs)
$10.00 savings

18 pack Farm Fresh Eggs

18 pack Chicken Eggs

Beef Share grass-fed and grass-finished

Approx 90 lbs of a grass-fed, grass-finished Beef-Audubon Certified
$79.05 savings

Fall Chicken Share-10 Whole Chickens

Whole Chicken Pasture Raised
$10.00 savings

Fall Pasture Raised Pork Share

One Half of a Pasture Raised Pork
$106.05 savings

Farm to Kitchen More Meals Subscription

Assorted Beef, Pork, Chicken and Lamb

Farm to Kitchen Subscription-Large

Assorted Beef, Pork, Lamb and Chicken

Farm to Kitchen Subscription-Small

Assorted Beef, Pork, Lamb and Chicken

Ground Beef Box -Large

40 one pound packages of Premium Grass-fed, Grass-finished Ground Beef (85-15)
$80.00 savings

Red Box of Sturgis 2 oz Peppered Jerky

12 pack of 2 oz Sturgis Peppered Jerky

Red Box of Sturgis Original Beef Jerky

12 pack of 2 OZ Sturgis Beef Jerky

WOOF Liver Snacks for Pets

WOOF Liver Treats (Liver Jerky)